Sam’s Egg was painted over 7 days for the Whittaker’s Big Egg Hunt NZ.
It is now getting auctioned of on trademe to raise money for The Starship Hospital’s Nationwide.

Big Birds documents the history, characteristics and genetic makeup, i.e. the body parts, bones, cells, how they look and act, of the largest birds of the world – the Ostrich and the now extinct Elephant bird and Moa; birds which laid the largest eggs (as referenced by the shape of the canvas). I use a multi-media technique involving hundreds of layers of paint in selected areas, markings, scratches and drips to illustrate the depth of history of these large birds, which I then work back into with oil sticks, graphite and inked illustrations. I leave parts of the first layers showing through so you can see where the Birds originated from and painted over dates and diagrams which don’t matter anymore, leaving the important parts visible. My bright colour palette contrasts with bold black and white figures which tie facts, humorous drawings, phrases from history books and my own quirky language together.

Start bidding here trademe to raise money for Starship Hospital